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About 904TIX

A locally based ticketing portal for live events is now available to Northeast Florida residents. Debuting in 2016, 904TIX.com owned by Jacksonville Magazine promises to provide a one-stop shop for residents and visitors to find and purchase tickets to local concerts, events, and shows.

904TIX and Jacksonville Magazine partnering with Michigan-based My North Media, which provides software to run the new ticketing portal.

“For nearly 35 years Jacksonville Magazine has been gathering and promoting a variety of events in Northeast Florida,” Joseph White, editor and publisher for White Publishing Co., says. “We’ve created a huge readership that looks each week to see what and where events are happening locally. When you couple that with the tens of thousands that follow our websites and social media channels, that’s more than 200,000 viewers. Yet, when users found what to do within our calendars, we sent them off to fend for themselves to find tickets for the events. Often the experience was challenging and in some cases impossible.”

National ticketing and event services are available, White added, but usually offer minimal logistics and zero marketing support to the companies that use them. Additionally, any fees from tickets sold using the national services (such as Eventbrite or Brown Paper Tickets) were pulling dollars out of local communities and “into their pockets,” he says.

Enter My North Media, which created a special software called Geo Tix to compete with the national ticketing services.

“They decided a few years ago to create their own ticketing solution to meet the needs of all the organizations already using their outlet for promoting their events,” White says, adding that the effort created a “one-stop hub” for all of their clients that “not only made it easier for the organizations and their events to be more visible, but any fees were managed locally and kept within the community.”

Businesses that use the service will have full access to manage their own portals, events, venues, and tickets like most other services, he explains. There is no charge to join, and companies or nonprofits pay only a 1.9 percent credit card processing fee, which make the ticket fees the lowest on the market.

“The big advantage with 904TIX is the large amount of media support to promote organizations and their events,” White says, explaining that in addition to the promotional tools individual organization homepages clients will have on the site, there will also be print ads, web ads, social media posts, newsletters, giveaways, and online calendar entries with “buy tickets” links in all Jacksonville Magazine publications to consistently promote events.

“This platform will expose each of the organizations’ events to diverse audiences not typically reached,” White says.

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