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"The Gang Sells a Dog Bar Timeshare (You Got Got edition)" Brush up on your It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia knowledge and get ready for a night of Trivia, Flipadelphia, and all out Sunny fun.

HEY BOZOS and JABRONIS, want a chance to own a piece of your very own dog bar timeshare? Come on out to Kanine Social on October 17th for a timeshare presentation, plus an encore Invigaron presentation by our best salesperson, Da' Maniac! You could be enjoying a free membership or even be paid to be a member by purchasing multiple memberships and unloading them on others! Don't get got, come get! *No real timeshare or Invigaron presentations (and no free golf clubs), but anyone who arrives before 5pm will have their name entered into a raffle for a free annual membership!*

DRINK SPECIALS starting at 5pm and going all night! $4 Hoors Light drafts and $12 pitchers. Wine in a can, Riot Juice, Milk (lukewarm), plenty of Coors Light for the Wade Boggs challenge.

FLIPADELPHIA tournament starts at 5:30pm. We'll be hosting a first of its kind socially distanced flip cup tournament with properly distanced tables, unlimited solo cup substitutions and enough hand sanitizer to make Frank pure!!! Bragging rights and many exciting prizes for the winning team!

TRIVIA starts at 7pm - $10 entry per person or $35 for a team of 4

PRIZES for the top 3 teams including CASH for the winning team!

Prizes valued up to $500

***Tickets must be purchased on 904Tix website. (Link above)


COSTUME CONTEST with CASH prizes for best individual and group costume! Ongo Gablobian, Green Man, The Waitress, Dr. Mantis Toboggan, Birds of War, Nightman, the McPoyles....the possibilities are endless!

Liberty Bakery food truck on site serving Milk Steak, Spaghetti in a Bag, Grilled Charlies, Denim Chicken and Rum Ham (but really, they've got Philly Cheesesteaks!)

Plenty of other Sunny themed events throughout the evening!! Rat bashing contest, dance marathon (and contest), greased watermelon, private screening of Thundergun Express, nightman musical and more!

Venue Information

Kanine Social
580 College St
Jacksonville, FL 32204
+1 (904) 712-6363

Organizer Information

Kanine Social

580 College Street
Jacksonville, FM 32204

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